IFC (Industry Foundation Class) is a neutral BIM data format that was established in 1995.

The format is embraced (to various degrees of satisfaction) by nearly all popular BIM software including Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla, Digital Project, Microstation, Nemetschek and more. IFC "Certified" software requires the vendor to meet IFC requirements to share their model data, using a subset of the IFC Fromat. IFC contains means to convey more efficient and accurate shape representations, and I encourage users to request their software vendors of choice to enable more advanced aspects.


Geometry Gym is concentrating BIM developments on the basis of the IFC data format. Grasshopper is an ideal environment to generate the attributes and relationships of the BIM objects, even if all the geometric modelling is done in Rhino. Functionality is also provided directly in Rhino to export objects with BIM attributes.


Geometry Gym developments are under continual improvements, and features priority is driven by customers needs and requirements. Recent examples of this include the IFC Data Tree viewer, and MEP objects. Functionality for planning, reporting and more is enabled and under development.

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